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Stump Grinding

Removing Unwanted stumps by using the latest up to date machines

Why remove a stump?

  • Tree stumps can take up considerable space, look unsightly and can lead to development and spread of fungal infections, such as Honey Fungus

  • They are also attractive for bees, wasps and other insects, to nest in

  • They can become a safety hazard for trip and fall injuries 

How is the stump removed?

  • Using specialist machines the stump is cut up into small pieces of wood (chips) by a series of tungsten tipped teeth which are fitted to a fast spinning, metal wheel. The stump is 'ground' down to well below ground level. This then enables the area to be re-used for future planting, re-seeding, building over etc. Removing the stump prevents re-growth and eliminates the possibility of fungal growth.

  • On completion of stump grinding, the hole left from the stump, will be filled with the grinding chippings, which were produced during the grinding process.  These can be utilised around the garden, for mulching flower/shrub beds, on paths etc.

We can also use poisoning using ECO-PLUGS for more information and pricing Please contact us.

Stump Grinding: Services
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